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Become a Member

To get started looking for your new home, you need to become a member of choose‘n’move.


Become a member

We need to ask you some questions about your housing circumstances before you can become a member. This is why you have to fill in a form. You can only bid for a home once we have registered your application form and made it active.

You can complete the form online by clicking here


Who can join?

Anyone over 16 who has the right to live in the UK and is already living here can become a member of choose‘n’move, however, if you are under 18 we will not give you a home unless you are homeless.

You do not need to be living in the Kirklees area to register.

Are there any restrictions?  

We have guidelines for our membership and some people will not be able to join, or may not be allowed to bid. For example, if you have any current or previous rent arrears, debts to the council or if you have a history of evictions or anti-social behaviour or you have refused three offers in the last twelve months. When we receive your form we will undertake checks and will write to you to tell you if there are any restrictions on your membership and what needs to be done before you can join.

 What Happens Next ?

Once you have completed the form online, if we have all the information we need we will make your application active and write to you within 6 working days with your membership details. Sometimes we will need more information before we can do this and we will contact you to let you know what else we need.

All members will be put into a band, this is based on their housing needs. Once registered with us, you will be sent a letter with a membership number and your housing band.

Band Award

Housing Bands

When you become a member we put you into a housing band that shows your level of housing need. Your band is used to decide who should be offered properties first.


What are the different housing bands?

Band A  

Multiple housing need

  For people who have at least two of the following urgent reasons to be housed:

  1. Homeless
  2. High care or support needs
  3. High medical needs

Band B

High housing need

  One of the following statements describes your situation:

  1. You are homeless and we have accepted a duty to house you (our ‘Are you homeless?’ leaflet explains this).
  2. You are a Kirklees Council tenant living in an adapted home that you do not need.
  3. You need to move to give or receive essential support in daily living.
  4. You have high medical needs.

Band C

Low housing need

  One of the following statements describes your situation:

  1. You are non-priority homeless or intentionally homeless (our ‘Are you homeless?’ leaflet explains this).
  2. You are a lodger in an overcrowded home.
  3. You want to move to give or receive care or support.
  4. You need to move for medical reasons (lower medical needs)
  5. You are a Kirklees Council tenant and
  6. Your home is bigger or smaller than you need
  7. You need to move for repairs to your home and do not want to move back
  8. You are an older Kirklees Council tenant and want to move to a property for older people.

Band D

Non-urgent housing need

  1. You do not qualify for bands A, B or C.
  2. You want to move as part of a mobility scheme.

Band E

Non-urgent housing need

  Any One of the following statements describes your situation:

  1.  You have no local connection to Kirklees Council
  2.  You have current or former Housing Debt
  3.  You are a Homeowner
  4.  You have a history of Anti-Social Behaviour

How do we decide which band you are in?

We use the information you give us on your application form and sometimes we will need to talk to other services who give you help, like a social worker or doctor.

When would your band change?

Your band may change if your housing need changes. You must let us know about any change in your circumstances, you can do this by logging in and amending your application. Time spent bidding on properties does not mean that you will move up a band.

More information

If you want more information about how Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing advertises and offers properties you can read our ‘Allocations Policy’. Please contact us for further information. 



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