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What is a bid?


A bid is simply when you tell us you are interested in one or more of our advertised properties. We then put your name on a list to be considered for each of the properties you have made bids on.



Are there any rules?

There are some simple rules you need to know before you bid:

  1. You must be a member of choose 'n' move to be allowed to bid.
  2. You can bid on upto three properties each week, but you need to be eligible for the property size and meet any advertised conditions.
  3. A bid does not involve any money.
  4. You can only bid once per property.
  5. Bids must be received by closing time on Sunday – any bids received after this time may not be considered.

If you are bidding in person, this will be at the time our public offices close - usually about 5pm

If you are bidding on the website, by telephone, text or digital TV -  you will have till just before midnight.


Best time

When is the best time to bid?

You can bid anytime during a bidding cycle (Wednesday to Sunday)– it doesn't make a difference what day or time it is, as long as it is before bid closing time on Sunday. Properties will not be advertised again unless no one bids for them.

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How many bids can I make?

You can place upto three bids per bidding cycle – but you only need to bid once per property. However, you should only bid on properties that you are interested in being offered – otherwise you may find you are offered a property that you do not actually want.

Can i bid

Can I bid on any property?

You can bid on any property as long as you are eligible for the property size and meet any advertised conditions. For example, you might need to be over 60 years old for some properties. Click here to see what size of property you can usually bid for.

Each property is different so always check the advert for any information about bidding.

Change mind

What if I change my mind about a bid?

You can cancel a bid if you change your mind – as long as you cancel it within the same advert cycle. It cannot be cancelled once bids are closed. You do this on the website, telephone or in-person


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