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Mutual Exchange


Can i bid


A mutual exchange is where two or more tenants exchange their properties. If you find another tenant to swap with, you must ask your landlord for permission before you move. If you move without permission you could lose your home.

A Mutual Exchange can offer several benefits that include:

  • It may be much quicker than bidding through Choose'n'move
  • You can arrange multiple swaps where a chain of tenants swap properties to find their perfect home

A swap can take place between a Kirklees Council tenant and another Local Authority or Housing Association tenant.


How do I apply?


  • First of all you must be a Kirklees Council tenant or a Housing Association tenant to apply for a mutual exchange
  • If you are already registered with choose'n'move your mutual exchange advert will shortly be removed, you will need to re-register via House Exchange, you can do this by clicking here
  • If you do not have a choose'n'move account, you can apply for a mutual exchange only by clicking here


What happens next?

  • Your mutual exchange application will be validated within six working days
  • Your property information will then appear on the website for other tenants to see
  • Your request will remain on the website for 6 months, as long as you are regularly logging in or until you have done an exchange, whichever is the earliest
  • After 6 months if you have not logged into the House Exchange system and you have not found an exchange your advert expire. You will be able to re-register if this happens
  • If you have not provided all the information needed your advert will be cancelled and you will need to re-apply by completing the application again.

What do I do when I find a property I want to exchange with?


  • You will be able to view properties that match your requirements and express an interest or ‘nudge’ those you are interested in.
  • There is no limit to the number of properties you can look at.
  • You can view all available properties or you can narrow your search by editing your preferences and searching in your current ‘target areas’.
  • When you are interested in a property you will be able to see the contact details of the other tenant, if they are interested in swapping, it is your responsibility to contact each other.
  • If all parties wish to go ahead with the exchange, all parties will need to contact their own Housing Officer so that the relevant checks and processes can be started.
  • If the exchange is able to go ahead and is completed, your advert will be removed from the House Exchange website.


If my exchange is approved how quickly can I move?

  • You will need written approval from your landlord before you arrange to move
  • You will also need to arrange a meeting with your landlord to sign over your tenancy
  • Your landlord will need to arrange a gas and electric check for your property
  • Your landlord will inform you when all the checks have been approved and when it is safe for you to arrange your removal once all the paperwork has been completed


Can my exchange be refused?

  • Yes, there are certain grounds where your landlord can refuse to give you permission to exchange if it does not meet a number of conditions. These grounds are set out in the ‘Mutual Exchange Policy’, you can download a copy of the grounds for refusal here.
  • Where any rent is owed, or any obligation of the Tenancy Agreement had been broken or not preformed properly, the landlord can give consent, subject to a condition requiring the tenant to pay the outstanding debt in full or remedy the breach or perform the obligation
  • You may not meet the bedroom entitlement for the property you have found to exchange with. You can only swap homes with a property that will meet your housing need by number of bedrooms you need


I need help, who can I call?

  • The KNH Homefit team are available to advise you about your House Exchange application and advertising your property.
  • If you have identified a property to swap with and you are a Kirklees Council tenant our Housing Officers will be able to advise you and arrange a home visit
  • If you are a Housing Association tenant you should contact your landlord
  • You can contact us by using the 'Click here to contact us' facility once you have logged into your account

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