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Anyone whose home is too big could benefit from the Homefit scheme, but if you're of working age and concerned about losing housing benefit because your house is 'under occupied,' then you may also want to think about it.

Moving to a smaller home is ideal if:
- you're not using all your bedrooms
- you're worried about your heating bills (smaller homes are cheaper to heat)
- you're struggling to maintain your garden
- mobility problems mean your home is no longer suitable for your needs
- you need to be nearer to family, friends, shops, doctors and so on

We can offer:
- help and support from a dedicated officer
- advice about moving to a home in an area you prefer
- a smaller home that is easier and cheaper to manage
- a higher level of priority for re-housing

For more information, contact our Homefit Officer on 01484 416900 or email


Welfare Benefit Changes

Amongst other Welfare Benefit changes that the Government is introducing, there will be an Under Occupation Penalty, which cuts the amount of benefit that people
can get if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home. It allows for one bedroom for each person or couple, with the following exceptions:

  • Children under 16 of the same gender are expected to share
  • Children under 10 are expected to share, regardless of gender
  • A disabled tenant or partner who needs an overnight carer will be allowed an extra bedroom

 The Government is introducing this reduction in Housing Benefit entitlement from April 2013. The rates of reduction proposed are:

  • 14% reduction for being 1 bedroom under occupied
  • 25% reduction for being 2 bedrooms under occupied

 If you are of working age, receiving Housing Benefit and have one or more spare bedrooms, your Housing Benefit will be reduced and you will have to make up the difference in rent payments.

  You need to act now:
  1. If you want to move to a smaller home, apply for re-housing. Our supply of smaller homes is limited so you need to complete a housing register application
  2. If you have two or more spare bedrooms, our Homefit Officer, Sarah Jowitt, will be able to advise you about how we can help you move to a smaller property.
    Call 01484 416900.
  3. Talk to your estate management officer about the  possibility of a  mutual exchange
  4. If you want to stay in your present home, you could take in a lodger to help pay the rent – but check with us about non-dependant deductions to housing benefit.

 If you are a Kirklees Council tenant or a Housing Association tenant in Kirklees and you have 2 or more spare bedrooms, you could benefit from the Homefit scheme,
especially if you’re concerned about losing housing benefit because your house is 'under occupied'. Please contact our Homefit officer on 01484 416900 or email


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